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An Anthology of Comics from Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency #147. Edited by Lara Antal & Dave Kelly.

In October 2012, twenty-six comics creators descended upon Central Florida for a three-week residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. These lost souls were set adrift in an incubator of creativity amidst killer sharks, a local nude beach, and other primordial nature. Under the tutelage of Ellen Forney, Dean Haspiel, and Megan Kelso, a body of work was generated that interwove many similar themes based on their new found tropical isolation. What you hold in your hands is a summation of that experience, a document of a wondrous blur of creative freedom, and perhaps an artifact of a comics paradise lost.

This book contains new work from these fabulous cartoonists:

Ellen Forney
Dean Haspiel
Megan Kelso
Lara Antal
Rebecca Case
Jean Chen
Julie Condon
Gabrielle Greenlee
Boum (Samantha Leriche-Gionet)
Lynda May
K-Fai Steele
Nusha Ashjaee
Jen Breach
Theresa Coulter
Gabrielle Gamboa
Sean Ironman
Lark Pien
Christa Cassano
Fionnuala Doran
George Folz
James Greene
Meghan Lands
Gregory MacKay
Jp Pollard
Jessica Ruliffson