EVERY ISSUE of Tales of the Night Watchman


The whole enchilada! All nine issues to date in one bundle!

This nine-issue mega-pack includes Tales of the Night Watchman Issues One – Five, “The Night Collector” (one-shot), “It Came from the Gowanus Canal” (one-shot), “The Mad Mind of Anton Sebaum” (one-shot), and the 8-page prologue issue “Staycation”.

This special offer is available to help you dive head-first (safely) into this righteous series. Each issue is printed offset and serves up 280 pages of action-packed, coffee-drenched storytelling.

Praise for Tales of the Night Watchman:

“A combination of noir, fantasy, and horror that gets a little too close to daily life for comfort.”
– Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool

“Kelly is certainly not afraid to play with monsters.”
– Pedro Cabezuelo, Rue Morgue

“There’s a sincerity and belief in these characters that comes through on every page. These are solid and well-told comics.”
– Rob Clough, High-Low

“A startling tale.”
– Chris Arrant, Robot 6