Tales of the Night Watchman #1


The Series…
Tales of the Night Watchman is the story of Nora, a blogger stuck working a dead end job in coffee, and her roommate, Charlie, who happens to be possessed (in the nicest way possible) by a spectral detective called The Night Watchman. Baristas by day, heroes by night, Nora and Charlie are the only ones who can save the day when an influx of paranormal activity summons the return of their arch-nemesis Merrick.

Issue One…
Somewhere in Brooklyn, a woman is murdered.  It goes unnoticed because stranger things, such as a zombie attack at a shopping mall, are occurring.  Diverting the public’s attention is The Night Watchman, really just a guy named Charlie, who’s come back from the dead for reasons unknown.  His roommate, Nora, got him a job at a trendy Manhattan café where she’s manager and he’s preoccupied himself with keeping the city’s paranormal activity at bay.  One night, Night Watchman meets a pickpocket who lives in a tent on a Williamsburg rooftop.  Elsewhere, Nora learns the murder hits close to home.  That’s when the trouble starts…

Praise for Tales of the Night Watchman:

“A combination of noir, fantasy, and horror that gets a little too close to daily life for comfort.”
Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool

“Kelly is certainly not afraid to play with monsters.”
Pedro Cabezuelo, Rue Morgue

“There’s a sincerity and belief in these characters that comes through on every page.  These are solid and well-told comics.”
Rob Clough, High-Low

“A startling tale.”
Chris Arrant, Robot 6