Great Moments in So What? Press History

In 2017…

We celebrated our fifth anniversary as a publisher at Comic Arts Brooklyn, an event we sponsored.

We contributed an exclusive Tales of the Night Watchman story to ComicMix’s Mine! anthology to benefit Planned Parenthood.

We released our first full-color comic, Tales of the Night Watchman Issue Seven.

Lara spoke about So What? Press at Penguin Random House’s New York headquarters as part of its 2017 Company Week.

Tales of the Night Watchman contributors Simon Fraser and Molly Ostertag became New York Times bestselling cartoonists and Eisner award winners for their contributions to Love is Love.

We began the new year with the release event for Tales of the Night Watchman #5 at Forbidden Planet NYC! All five contributors to the book (Dave Kelly, Lara Antal, Victoria Lau, Robin Ha, and Simon Fraser) were all present.

In 2016…

Tales of the Night Watchman turned five years old!

Tales of the Night Watchman contributor Robin Ha became a New York Times bestselling cartoonist for her book Cook Korean!

Tales of the Night Watchman was featured in the book Blood in Four Colours: A Graphic History of Horror Comics by Pedro Cabezuelo, published by Rue Morgue.  The one-shot “The Mad Mind of Anton Sebaum” was also previewed exclusive on Rue Morgue’s website, along with an interview by April Snellings.

In 2015…

We did 15 events / shows this year – – pshew!

We produced a custom faux movie poster for the Gowanus Souvenir Shop based on Tales of the Night Watchman: It Came from the Gowanus Canal.

Lara appeared on the panel “It’s a Small, Small, Small Press World” at Small Press Expo about small press comics publishing.

We were invited to participate in the first ever Micro-Press Party at Desert Island, hosted by Robyn Chapman of The Tiny Report / Paper Rocket Mini Comics.

Dave appeared on panels at RIPE and TCAF about distribution methods for small press comics publishers (alongside folks from Sparkplug, Study Group, The Devastator, Paper Rocket Mini Comics, and more).

We exhibited at TCAF, our first international comic festival.

In 2014…

Breakers was nominated for Best Anthology at the 2014 Stumptown Comic Arts Awards at Rose City Comic in Portland, OR.

We branched out into distribution with Marnie Galloway’s In the Sounds & Seas: Volumes I & II.

Lara was interviewed and featured in The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Bloomberg Businessweek about her infamous choking poster!

We reached 50 stores!

Tales of the Night Watchman got a one-page exclusive feature in the May issue of Rue Morgue magazine.

Invisible Wounds by Jess Ruliffson won the Society of Illustrator’s MoCCA Award of the Excellence.  This is the first award-winning book in our catalog.

We embarked on the So What? Press Staycation Book Tour in support of our spring line of books.  This included four events around NYC:  MoCCA Fest 2014, a release party at Desert Island, Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014, and Grand Comics Fest 2014.

We released our spring line of books:  It Came from the Gowanus Canal (Tales of the Night Watchman) by Dave Kelly & Molly Ostertag; Staycation: A Prologue (Tales of the Night Watchman) by Dave Kelly & Lara Antal; and Invisible Wounds by Jess Ruliffson.  All three debuted at the Society of Illustrators’ MoCCA Comic Arts Festival 2014.

We continued to publish work by other artists, a mission we began with Breakers.  We’ll be publishing two comics by Jess Ruliffson, Invisible Wounds (Spring ’14) and City Chickens (Fall ’14), as well as She Smiled Back and Other Stories by Tim Sinaguglia (Fall ’14).

In 2013…

We were invited to exhibit at the first annual Comic Arts Brooklyn.

We debuted two issues of Tales of the Night Watchman simultaneously at Small Press Expo.  One of the two, entitled The Night Collector, introduced Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist) as an illustrator to the series.

A Comic Guide to Brewing was nominated for a Stumptown Comic Arts Award in Best Publication Design.

We published our first major book (with a spine!), the anthology Breakers, and embarked on a book tour that took us to Brooklyn, Portland (Oregon), and San Francisco.

In 2012…

So What? Press was formed.

We premiered A Comic Guide the Brewing at Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival.  The first run of 200 copies sold out in under a month.  The book was reprinted and continues to be our best seller.

In 2011…

We published our first comic, Tales of the Night Watchman Issue Zero.  A limited run of 150, it sold out in under two months.