So What? Press has been publishing comics of all shapes and sizes since 2011.  It was founded by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal in their never-ending quest to champion independent comics.  Their books are available at over 50 stores worldwide.


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You sly dog!  Looking for Easter eggs, eh?  Well, here’s one for you:

So What? Press is Dave Kelly and Lara Antal – and they wouldn’t be publishing anything if not for Tales of the Night Watchman.

The idea to do a comic book came about while Dave was on a leave of absence from his job and undergoing treatment for cancer.  Naturally, he passed the time conceiving of things he would rather be doing.  Telling a story about a “superhero” whose weakness was not related to his powers but rather his own physical state seemed especially relevant.

However, the idea remained just that until he met Lara at a Christmas party later that year.  As their friendship grew, collaboration seemed obvious and unavoidable.

Lara has been illustrating all her life.  Raised in a single-parent household by a hard-working mother, she spent much of her youth as a latch key kid dreaming up characters and stories not unlike the afterschool cartoons she would watch until her mother came home.

The first in her family to attend college, Lara studied interdisciplinary art at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  After graduating summa cum laude, she moved to New York City to pursue the dream but landed a job at a coffee shop.  She spent the next year navigating the intense, competitive art scene trying to lock down “real work” that aligned with her goals of working professionally in the arts.  All the while, working in coffee would prove to be inspirational in its own right.

After Dave’s recovery, the film company he worked for shut its doors.  One night around the same time, Lara showed Dave a sketchbook she was carrying.  Many of her drawings were sequential in nature, but it was a sketch of The Sandman’s Morpheus that caught his attention.  Feeling worn out by the film business, he saw an opportunity to pursue a different avenue of visual storytelling, one that could not be as stymied by the almighty dollar.

He suggested they do a comic book.

She agreed.

So What? Press is a summation of these events.  While continuing to publish our own work, we are constantly expanding our catalog and publishing work by other creators as well.  We hope you enjoy what you see.